Why We Do What We Do

Riff Raffs Mission is to deliver magic moments and lasting memories to families all over the world through exceptional customer experience and industry-leading product solutions.

Parents Supporting Parents

Let's be honest, being a parent is no walk in the park. There is no rulebook, roadmap or instruction manual that comes with your little bundle of joy. In the past we have relied on the knowledge of those who have come before us to guide us on our parenting journey. Raising a baby takes a village and in this day and age, our village takes on all shapes and forms. Here at Riff Raff we like to think of ourselves as your online village that supports modern families through the parenting journey.

Empowering parents through each and every developmental milestone is what ignites our passion. It is our pleasure to have helped over 250,000 parents globally who have welcomed Riff Raff into their home and bona fide our products as "game changers" for their little ones. And guess what... we're just getting started!

If there's one thing we know from our own parenting journeys, it's that support means everything to parents of little ones. Which is why as a brand we strive to provide a friendly shoulder to our community through consciously designed baby comfort products, helpful resources, judgment-free online community groups and so much more.

We are even registered as a Great Place To Work, because we truly do care about making the world a better place for all families. Afterall Happy Babies = Happy Parents! 

Raving Fan Creators

There's something you should know about us... We take delighting our community very seriously. A glimpse inside our team's values would reveal that we are led by one simple principle: β€œhow can we delight our fans next?”

Over the years, we're humbled to have accumulated some serious fans. We're talking fans who collect ALL of our pals and spread their love for Riff Raff loud and proud! In case you didn't know, when we launch a Limited Edition release, things sell out QUICK! Like, lightning fast! We just adore our Raving Fans for all the love they shower us with and we spend every waking second thinking of new ways to give the love back!

 A few Riff Raff bragging rights:

🐰 We have more than 10,000 5 star reviews
🐰 Our Customer Satisfaction rate is at world class standard.
🐰 Our social following combined makes up 180,000 parents from all around the world.
🐰 We are Australia's #1 Sleep Toy Comforter.

Magic Moment Makers

At Riff Raff we understand that it's the little things that really count. We are known for our generosity and kindness and are actively thinking of what can really light up the faces of our customers and give back to the communities around us. We promise magical unboxing experiences, award winning customer service and we actively seek ways to go above and beyond for our customers and community. "Surprise and delight" is what we like to call it - and here are a few of the ways we have done this so far:

🦊 Hand delivering toys to hospitals for families in need of extra comfort.
🦊 Flying pals around the world to reunite with families who are missing their Riff Raff on holidays.
🦊 Endless FREEBIES placed into orders just because.
🦊 $16k donated to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to make a difference in saving Koala's
🦊 Gifted $13k to the Miracle Babies Foundation to support families through the challenging journey with premature and sick newborns

Comfort Specialists

Our routine featured within our video and suggested by most sleep consultants, follows the pattern of quiet time after a relaxing bath, reading their favourite books with your Riff Raff close by, music on while you have your last snuggles, cuddles or breastfeed and then popping baby down awake, but ready to sleep with their pal still playing the preferred sound, either lullaby or white noise.

White noise is recommended for babies in the fourth trimester. (0-3 months) Around the 4th month, its a great idea to switch to the lullaby. This is however only a recommendation and plenty of babies love the white noise for longer or simply prefer the lullaby from birth. A transitional object, otherwise known as a comforter or lovey, is an item used to provide psychological comfort for babies and toddlers especially in unusual or unique situations, or at bedtime for small children. These are truly suitable for all ages.

Best Friends 4 Life!

Have you met our cuddly pals? Allow us to introduce Clover, BanjoRaffy, Riff, Kirra and Bandit who make up the Riff Raff crew. These are the friendly faces that comfort little ones from infancy and beyond. They are there for teaching your baby how to self settle at bedtime, they accompany them to their 1st day of day-care, and a friendly face to cuddle when traveling in the car or pram. No matter the location or occasion, you can expect our pals to become a constant source of comfort and no doubt a best friend for life.

A few simple ways to help bubs foster a bond with our pals and create that familiar face of comfort:

🐨 Transfer your smell to the toy by wearing the toy while pregnant or when it arrives.
🐨 Have the toy playing white noise or the lullaby while bub is in your belly or during reading. 3. Include in your daily activities like walks in the pram, car trips, play and tummy time.
🐨 Include during your feeds as a cuddle item together. You do not need to have the sound playing while feeding if they just woke from a nap.
🐨 Give the toy kisses and cuddles with your little one during play and nap time.

This will build strong feelings of love, comfort and attachment and create positive associations with their friends. We encourage you to allow at least a week of this type of consistent interaction between you, the toy and your little one to start to make a connection. Some children may bond faster, some may require a little longer.