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Sleep Toy - Rudi The Reindeer (Psst... last chance to grab a Rudi!)

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How to Use

It is really important that NICHD safe sleeping guidelines are followed and no soft toys should be in the crib with your baby under 12 months of age. Our toy has been designed with a strap which should be used to secure the toy to either the inside or the outside of the crib away from little ones hands. This strap should always be used with babies unless being directly supervised. They will benefit from the audio and visual comfort when not able to feel the comforter.

As well as being super cute, the Limited Edition 'Rudi The Reindeer' Sleep Toy has been designed to be used as a toy to promote sleep. Through the use of sound, comfort and routine these toys support babies and toddlers in falling asleep and resettling.

The blanket of the toy measures 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches and the head approximately 5 inches in diameter.

Due to the limited numbers, exchanges are strictly prohibited so please think carefully before purchasing a Limited Edition item.

  • Designed with safety in mind: Our clever velcro strap allows you to secure the toy to cribs, cots and car seats. So it stays where you want it for safe sleeping. Safe Sleep Guidelines: Do not leave an infant under 7 months unattended with anything in their cot.
  • Machine washable & tumble dry-able: This toy gets loved. A lot. Unzip the soundbox and wash whenever you need. Wash after wash they come up as fluffy and loveable as ever.
  • Plays a white noise with heartbeat: Mimicking the familiar sound of being in the womb, this brings instant comfort to bubs.
  • Plays our MAGICAL lullaby: Establishes a instant association with bedtime and lulls little ones to a peaceful sleep.
  • Record your own voice message: Light up your little ones eyes with a personalised recording for them to play whenever they need to hear a familiar voice.
  • Re-chargeable soundbox: Two volume and playback settings (20 min & 40 min setting)
  • Dummy holder: For bigger bubs the security strap holds a pacifier. No more lost pacifiers in the night yay!

1. Slowly introduce
The idea behind these toys is that the feel, smell and sound of the toy will act as a positive sleep association to then enable you to withdraw supports that you no longer want to continue. That takes time.

2. No big changes
Simply combine their new bedtime buddy into your existing process. So if you are feeding or rocking to sleep just continue to let them fall asleep for a few nights in your arms as normal but hold your new toy there with you and let your Little One's hand touch the fabric and have the tune playing from the start of the process.

3. Consistency
As they finally go off to dream land they need to be hearing the magical sleepy tune and, if they are bigger bubbas, able to feel the fabric - every time!

4. Back away
After a few days you hope that some of the magical powers are rubbing off on your Little One so it is time to start the extraction plan. Slowly start removing the undesired support just seconds before sleep. Each night just remove a little more - bit by bit.

5. Persistence
Giving your baby the skill of sleep without your help can take time. The night you see your Little One reach for their sleep toy and their little eyes just cannot stay open when they hear that tune... it will be all worthwhile.

Safe sleeping is really important to Riff Raff Baby.
We strongly advocate all parents follow the safe sleeping guidelines created by NICHD in support of the CDC recommendations to reduce SIDS.

Riff Raff Baby Sleep Toys have been designed with a safety tether. Simply tether to the crib rails out of the baby sleep area so that the infant can see and hear the toy. The child will still create beneficial visual and audio associations during sleep whilst remaining safe. We recommend offering the toy to your child under adult supervision when under the age of 1 year old.

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