How do Riff Raff Sleep Toys Compare to the Lulla Doll?

How do Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toys Compare to the Lulla Doll?

We often have moms contacting us and asking how the Riff Raff Baby Sleep Toys compare to the Lulla Doll so I thought I would do up a quick summary.  

There are a couple of things that Riff Raff Sleep Toys and the Lulla Doll have in common - one is that their primary objective is to support infants and toddlers to go to sleep and stay asleep longer and another is that they both use sound as one means to achieve this. And let's face it - getting more sleep is the no 1 reason parents are looking at either of these toys!  

Both Riff Raff Baby toys and the Lulla Doll were designed by moms.  The Lulla Doll by a couple of moms in Iceland who started their journey in 2011 and Riff Raff Baby by us, here in Melbourne Australia, after becoming obsessed with the idea of making an ultimate toy for little ones in June 2016.  

They are similar in size - Riff & Raff are 32cm x 15cm while the Lulla Doll is slightly bigger at 30cm x 38cm.  They are both able to have the sound box removed and able to be washed which is something that not many other sleep toys can claim. Both have a velcro strap to enable them to be tethered to the side / outside of a cot in line with SID guidelines.

But that is where their similarities end.


Riff & Raff Sleep Toys have two specially designed sounds available to use (white noise of rain with heart beat and a sleepy lullaby) and play for either 20 minutes or 40 minutes before turning off.    You can select one of two volume levels to suit your bub and your environment. 
Lulla Doll plays one sound (of breathing and heartbeat) which plays for 8 hours.

Both toys are designed to be easily started by parents and eventually by the child - babies as young as 8 months can learn to press the ears of Riff & Raff to restart the sound if required in the night. You can preview our sounds and see all the key features on our website.

While 20/40 minutes might not sound like enough time mums are finding that it is working great. The sounds of Riff & Raff provide a positive association with bed and sleep - a calm signal that bed is a safe, pleasant place to be and that it is time to go to sleep. Some of the best results are coming from moms who also use a nap and bedtime routine to ensure your little one is ready for sleep and should be in a nice deep sleep by the time the sound ceases.  

Look & Feel:

Riff & Raff look a little more like a typical (cute) comforter than the Lulla Doll who describe the look of their toy as unisex and uniracial.  Riff & Raff are designed to be a comforter for all situations and also provide the textural sensory comfort provided to little ones by the traditional blankie or lovey.  Made out of a super soft polyester they are durable while washable and above all so cuddly! 

Riff & Raff's secret weapon:

The pacifier holder!!  Not a big deal to those mom's whose little one's don't have pacifiers but to those who are picking up or replacing dummies all night and day...  Well this is a BIG deal!  The built in dummy holder means little ones are able to find and replace their pacifiers during the night when routinely attached to Riff or Raff. This alone can make an instant and significant difference to nap and night waking's.  

So overall - they have some things in common but otherwise quite different toys.  Both toys have had wonderful results in supporting bubs and toddlers to sleep.  Riff Raff Baby sleep toys how have over 5000 x  5 star reviews so have a read and see if the situations described in the reviews may apply to you and your family.  

If you have any questions at all you can email us at or message us on Facebook any time.  








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