Returns & Warranties

Our Warranty Policy

Here at
 Riff Raff Baby your sound box is covered by a generous 12-month warranty from date of purchase.

If your Sound Box is deemed faulty via a successful claim, you will be issued a Sound Box only Replacement not a Full Sleep Toy.

The exceptions to this warranty are:

Sound Box Warranty

  • Damage to the sound box inflicted through dropping or throwing.
  • Battery care is the duty and responsibility of the customer. This includes removing batteries from electronics when they are not in use to avoid aging, leaking and causing corrosion.
  • Any alterations made to your sound box by yourself, such as complete dismantling or opening the middle section to attempt fixes yourself, VOIDS your warranty.

Only toys purchased directly through this site are eligible for warranty. There are no authorized resellers. Toys purchased from another source or second hand are not covered by our warranty.

If your little one has loved their Riff Raff Soother to the extreme and exceeded the 12-month warranty, click here to purchase just the items or spare parts you require.

To submit a warranty claim

To submit a claim we require 2 components.

  1. Order number, full name or email of the person who purchased.
  2. Evidence through imagery or video


A claim on the sound box that can show fault through photo evidence, must include 2 clear images showing the fault clearly.


A claim on a sound box fault to do with sound or complete failure (no sound at all) must include a video with these requirements :

  • Have your battery case off and old batteries removed
  • Show Fresh Fresh batteries inserted- We MUST see the pack or container they come out of please.
  • Sound Box completely viable and removed from the toy.
  • Play your sound box till the fault occurs. Please do not screw your case back on in the video
  • No more than 30 seconds in length. Have your pack of batteries open ready to show fresh ones coming out the pack/charger.

Video tips

Prop your phone on bench against something to record so both your hands are free.

We MUST see the pack of batteries/charger in your video please.

Have the back of the sound box already unscrewed before starting the process.

If your video ticks all the guidelines above, click here to submit your claim.

By submitting this claim, you are not automatically granted a replacement. Our team will assess the issue and respond accordingly.

Upon approval and to action your replacement, we require clear image of both wires of your sound box cut.

Our Customer Experience Team are always here to help.

Returns, Exchanges and Faults


Riff Raff Baby offers change of mind returns on UNUSED products within our ongoing (regular) product range, including Sleep Toys, Wash Day Spares, Soundbox, and Hooded Towels ranges.

Change of mind returns are NOT OFFERED on Limited Edition and Personalized products.

Your change of mind request must be received by our customer experience team within 7 days of purchase.

Customers wishing to return or exchange purchases will be required to pay all shipping costs for both the return of the unused item and any re-shipping fees.

The following conditions apply to our change of mind return for refund policy:

  • Your change of mind request must be received by our customer service team within 7 days of your order being placed.
  • All items you want to return under our change-of-mind return policy must be unused and in perfect, as-new quality.
  • Original product packaging MUST be intact and included in the return.
  • The change of mind refund will only be refunded to the payment method used in the original purchase.
  • The change of mind refund will only be processed once the item has been received by our warehouse staff and the items confirmed to be unused and in as-new quality.
  • Not Quite Right (NQR) Sale Items are not eligible for change of mind returns.
  • Limited Edition and Personalized products are not eligible for change of mind returns.


    Riff Raff Baby offer FREE exchanges for products within 14 days of receiving the items*

    The following applies:

    • Exchanging gifted items will require proof of purchase from the giftee including the specific order number and name of person
    • If you did not purchase the item, you are entitled to a FREE exchange ONLY
    • Partial refunds can only be issued on exchanges for lesser value items if you purchased the items yourself
    • Exchange or refunds will only be processed when the goods being returned have been received and confirmed as as-new quality.
    • Products can not be exchange for gift cards 

    *Exemptions to Exchanges and Returns 

    • All personalized toys and towels as per our Personalization T&C's
    • NQR sale items 
    • Tote Bags 
    • Products used in any way

    Faulty Products

    Your Sound Box is covered by a 12 Month warranty from Date of Purchase. Warranty information can be found at the above link

    If any of your Riff Raff items are faulty, we will assess your item and consider it for a replacement up to 3 months from date of purchase. Beyond the 3 month period, our wear and tear clause comes into effect. 

    What is a fault ? 

    A fault in a Riff Raff product is deemed something that makes your item unfit for its intended purpose on arrival or within the first 3 months of use. This does not include changes in your little ones sleep. We are confident we provide the support and care to guide you through the introduction steps. 

    Wear and tear 

    After 3 months in your home it is reasonable to expect that some wear and tear will begin to occur to your products from using the items regularly. Wear and tear includes damage from chewing, sucking, throwing, dropping, pulls, cuts or washing. Damage occurs from repeated actions that cause stress on the item therefore is not considered grounds for refund or exchange

    Terms and Conditions of online representation 

    We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors, features and fabric of our products that appear on our website. If you feel there is a discrepancy in our representation online to the physical product you receive we are happy to assess the item under the following circumstances.    

    Color, Feature or Fabric variations

    If on delivery, your products color, features or fabric varies to online imagery but conforms to the description displayed on our website and is fit for its intended purpose of use, your product will be assessed and considered for return or 1 FREE exchange.

    If on delivery, your sleep toy varies in color, features or fabric, to a sleep toy you already have in your home and the new toy is fit for its intended use, the product will not be considered to be faulty and no exchange or refund will be offered. 

    To action a Return, Exchange or Fault claim

    Email with the following details:

    1. Your details including proof of purchase via the order number 

    2. Describe the issue with the product

    3. Provide supporting imagery or video

    4. For Returns and Exchanges, once your claim has been approved, return the product to us with your provided label in New Perfect Unused condition including original packaging.

    Once your order has been received at our head office and deemed as unused, you will be refunded or your exchange will be sent. Please note, that refunds do not apply to any shipping charges from your original order.

    Something is wrong with my sound box

    Guidance for a RECHARGABLE sound box

    Before lodging a claim for your sound box we trust that you have fully charged it first, to troubleshoot whether or not your issue is simply the side effects of it going flat. 

    If activating either ear elicits a double beep sound, this is your sound box telling you it needs a charge.  Please connect it to the charger for 20 mins or until the light turns green. 

    Please ensure your switch on the back is turned on AND your volume dial has been turned up. 

    If your fault is not rectified by the above please email our team at

    Include your order number or the name of the person who gifted it to you

    A 30 second video demonstrating the following :

    ✔️Sound box plugged into charger
    ✔️Show sound box is glowing green 
    ✔️Sound setting set at 20 or 40 mins
    ✔️Show sound box volume is turned all the way up 

    If your fault can be demonstrated by an image only, then please attach this to your initial email.  

    Guidance for a BATTERY operated sound box 

    Is something wrong with your Sound Box? We trust you have inserted fresh batteries but the issue is still persisting? Let's sort this out for you! 

    The 2 components of your Sleep Toy are assessed separately for Warranty Purposes. For example, if your Sound Box is deemed faulty via a successful claim, you will be issued a Sound Box only Replacement not a Full Sleep Toy. 

    Is there something wrong with your soundbox playback? 

    • Sound cutting out mid-play and too early?
    • One side working but not the other?
    • Intermittent buzzing sound?

    These are all symptoms of a low battery and we suggest you do a battery change. 2 x AA batteries will restore it to working order.

    Did you change the batteries and the fault persisted?

    Please email our team with the below

    1. Your name/ email address.
    2. Order number. If you were gifted your pal, please supply us with your friends name and or email address.
    3. Your video must show fresh batteries being inserted from a pack clearly displaying the fault. This is to rule out battery error 

    Video Handy Hints

    • Prop your phone up against something on the kitchen bench and press record
    • Have your battery case off and old batteries removed
    • Have your pack of batteries open ready to show fresh ones coming out the pack/charger.
    • We MUST see the pack of batteries/charger in your video please
    • Remove the sound box completely from the head of the toy
    • Play your sound box till the fault occurs. Please do not screw your case back on
    • No more than 30 seconds in length

    Is your sound box out of the 12 month warranty? You can purchase them separately here.