Why Don't They Play All Night?

Why Don't They Play All Night?

One common concern people have before purchasing our toy is ‘Why doesn’t it play all night?’  ‘Why does it not play all night?  

This toy is not designed to ‘put your baby to sleep’.  We believe sleep and healthy sleep habits are a lifelong skill - a journey that starts as a tiny infant and goes on throughout adulthood.  


To better understand why our sleep toys are designed the way they are, we share with our vision we have for our toy.  The three key goals of our toy are:

1. To assist in the establishment of a positive sleep association through the use of sound, texture and visual comfort cues.

2. To be an aid that can be triggered or self-triggered as little ones get older to assist them in resettling between sleep cycles.

3.To be your little ones bestir through the role of transitional object (more commonly known as comforter or lovey) which it is be a source of comfort and security during times of anxiety, unfamiliar environments, illness etc.  


We designed the toy to play for 20 minutes and added in an option to expand to 40 minutes to allow for babies that take a few more minutes to fall asleep.  

The tune is deliberately designed to stop in the heaviest part of a babies sleep cycle - 15-25 minutes after they fall asleep.

Young babies will go through periods where they may want the tune triggered between cycles, particularly during illness or teething, and this is normal.  No infant has the skills to manage those things alone, but after a positive bond is established most times they will be simply happy to see or feel that their little bestie is right there with them and start to resettle by themselves.  

Having a toy or any other tool that creates a scenario where they are provided with the tune for every noise they make or there for every cycle they wake, does not in anyway provide the opportunity for little ones to gain these essential re-settling skills and would completely defeat the purpose of our toys.  

 And while hundreds 5-star reviews and are Australia's most popular sleep aid a Riff Raff Baby sleep toy is not magic nor is it ‘putting them to sleep’.  It is simply giving them the confidence through security and comfort to resettle themselves during sleep cycles and this results in better sleep for the entire family.  

Babes from 1 year old onwards will self trigger the toy and although that may seem like a long way away when you have a babe of just 4 months, please try to keep in mind that you are providing them a tool that they will use for comfort for years to come.  

I hope this provides some more information to you about why these lil cuties are designed the way they are.  If you have any other questions, our team is always here to help. help@riffraffbaby.com



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