Safe Sleeping Guidelines

Please Visit the CDC for guidelines for safe sleeping

Safe sleeping is really important to Riff Raff Baby. We strongly advocate all parents follow the safe sleeping guidelines created by NICHD in support of the CDC recommendations to reduce SIDS. These 4 guidelines are recommended to be followed with children up until they are 1.

  1. Place your baby on their back for all sleep times- naps and at night time
  2. Use a firm sleep surface such as mattress in safety approved crib or bassinet
  3. Have your baby share your room, not your bed
  4. Keep soft bedding such as pillows, blankets, bumper pads and lose soft toys out of the baby sleeping area of the crib

Riff Raff Baby Sleep Toys have been designed with a safety tether. Β Simply tether to the crib rails out of the baby sleep area so that the infant can see and hear the toy. The child will still create beneficial visual and audio associations during sleep whilst remaining safe.

We recommend offering the toy to your child under adult supervision when under the age of 1 year old.

Our Sleep ToysΒ have been approved under the vigorous standards of AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 (toys for children up to and including 36 months of age) with an intended age from 0+.

See here for more information onΒ How to keep your sleeping baby safe

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