Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy Announcements

Written by One Mama Midwife

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Finding out you are pregnant can come with a range of emotions from excitement, nervousness and sometimes fear. It is completely normal to want to share this exciting news with the people who are closest to you.

There is no time frame that you have to wait until before sharing your news with people you love. Many women think that they aren’t allowed to share their news before they hit the 12 week mark in fear of miscarriage. But in fact, many more women are sharing their pregnancy news with family and close friends earlier, so that if the pregnancy was to end in a miscarriage, that woman and her family are surrounded by love and support from those nearest and dearest. In saying that, you may also not want to tell people right away and that is completely fine too. So, there is no right or wrong time to share your special news, it is completely up to you and what feels right to you. Whether you are announcing your pregnancy with close friends and family or if you’re posting it on social media, this blog is going to explore everything you need to know about announcing your pregnancy.

Different ways to announce your pregnancy:

There are a range of different ways that you can announce your pregnancy from a simple phone call to an elaborate photoshoot.

Here are some of the most popular ways:

- Phone call or text message:

Some people don’t want to wait to organise a photoshoot or until they’re in person, so a phone call is a great option to share the news in a more personal way. You can’t get any more personal than sending a text message with a photo of your positive pregnancy test!!

- Social Media:

Many people like to share their news over social media so that they can share their news on a larger scale. This can also save time by avoiding individually texting or calling people with your news.

- Get creative:

Some people love to be creative with their announcements, using older siblings, props, ultrasound photos or even costumes to help make their announcement memorable and fun.

- Flat lay:

There is something so gorgeous about a flat lay that includes your Riff Raff Sleep Toy, a cute outfit, an announcement plaque and an ultrasound photo to let your friends and family know you’re expecting.

- Surprise announcement:

Some people like to keep their news a surprise and share at a special event or a creative ruse to try and catch people off guard. Better yet, video friends and families reactions to your exciting news!!

Do’s and Don’ts of pregnancy announcements:

- Discuss with your partner when you would like to share the news and how. Some people like to share the news early so that they have support during the first trimester which may be difficult for some. While other people like to wait until after the first trimester to share their news. There is no right or wrong, it is completely based on your own preferences.

- Be sensitive:

It’s important to note that while this news is so exciting for you and your family and it should absolutely be shared. It is important to consider family or friends who may be having trouble conceiving or who may be going through a pregnancy loss.

- Don’t compare:

It is important that you do not compare your pregnancy to other peoples experiences. Every pregnancy is completely different, so comparing may lead to unnecessary fear or worry. Instead try to focus on celebrating your journey and experience.

How can you make your pregnancy announcement special?

There are many different ways that you can make your pregnancy announcement special and really every pregnancy announcement is special in its own way. Here are some tips that might help you:

- Get creative:

If you like a funny announcement, then express yourself this way and create a funny photo or video to share with loved ones.

- Involve family or friends:
Involving your family and friends may help make your announcement special and memorable. This could be a photo or videoing your families reactions. Consider sharing your story, including any challenges you may have faced along the way. This will not only help you to look back and remember this special time, but it may also give those around you hope for their own journey.

- Celebrate your experience:

Remember that you are celebrating bringing your new little bundle of joy into the world. Make sure that you take the time to stop, reflect and enjoy this experience.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to announce your pregnancy to your family or friends so just do whatever feels right to you and your partner. Every pregnancy is a celebration and an opportunity to gain help and support from those closest to you, don’t be afraid to share your pregnancy early if you feel ready to. So, get creative and make some special memories celebrating the arrival of your little one.