If you’re one of those mums that can’t wait to get outside for long walks, or even a jog around the neighbourhood, then this post is just for you.

Jogger strollers have been designed to give your little one an easy ride, while you get the luxury of being able to walk or run with ease.

The difference in these compared to your regular stroller can be found in the suspension, the freer movement of the front wheels and extra sunshade and secure straps for your little ones.

Features to Look Out For

Before you even start looking for the perfect jogging stroller for you, it’s important to know what features you are on the hunt for. The biggest one for you to consider is what type of wheels are best suited to the outdoors. Typically, jogging strollers will have three wheels: one at the front and two at the back. This is a contributing factor to what makes them so easy to push across all terrains. The bigger they are, the better they tend to move, but of course you need to balance this need with how big you are willing to go, while still being able to fold the stroller up to fit in the boot. Here are some of the wheel options out there:

Standard rubber tyres: these are geared more towards smooth, flat surfaces, such as the shopping centre!

Air-filled tyres: tube tires are well-known for being great on rocky terrain. It’s the same as bicycle wheels, giving a smoother ride. Of course, you do need to make sure you have a bike pump on hand when the need arises.

Pneumatic tyres: their reinforced rubber tires are filled with compressed air and are well known in the jogging stroller world. They are geared for all types of terrain, making them a top choice.

Other features you want to consider:

Locking front wheel: this makes it easy to job on designated tracks. 

Big basket: you want to ensure you aren’t stuck carrying everything while pushing the push chair!

Big sun canopy: if you are planning to be outdoors a lot, then this is a must to protect your child.

One handed steering: this makes it much easier to push while you jog.

Riff Raff’s Top Jogger Stroller Picks

Based on the factors we think are the most important when it comes to finding the perfect jogging stroller, here is how we rank some of the popular choices on the market today.

Based on the name alone, you can see why we have included this one in the guide! If you’re looking for a pram that can switch between jogging and a trip to the shops, then this is it. It isn’t the best jogging pram out there, or the best everyday one, but it does combine the two very well.

Tandem option: No
Tyre type: air tyres
Stroller weight: 28.44 lb
One Hand Fold: Yes
Best accessories: Compatible travel system
Best overall feature: optional locking front wheel
Best review: easy to use
Worst review: not ideal for a new-born
Max weight in pram: 75 lb
Price: $529.99

If you are serious about running, then this is a stroller you want to consider. It is not only extremely slick and stylish, but it has a nice and lightweight, aerodynamic design so you can get the most out of your jog. It’s an all-round sports stroller that can be used on any terrain, with an integrated handbrake for added safety, which allows you to have speed control on the hills.

Tandem option: No
Tyre type: pneumatic
Stroller weight: 23 lb
One Hand Fold: Yes
Best accessories: extra padding for younger babies
Best overall feature: integrated handbrake
Best review: can control speed while jogging
Worst review: big!
Max weight in pram: 48 lb
Price: $849.95

A high performance, hands free running stroller. It is lightweight and versatile with a folding cockpit, integrate weather/sun and multi-terrain ready! 

Tandem option: No
Tyre type: Air tyres
Pram weight: 22 lbs
One Hand Fold: No
Best overall feature: Zippered front keeps everything in
Best review: Your co-pilot will cheer you on while they enjoy the ride
Worst review: Ventilation can be a issue for the cabin in hot climates
Max weight in pram: 22 lbs
Price: $674.95

The ultimate push chair for a more athletic runner, these push chairs are lightweight, and specifically designed for running.

Tandem option: No
Tyre type: air-filled
Pram weight: 23 lb
One Hand Fold: Yes
Best accessories: XL sun canopy with mesh window
Best overall feature: 360-degree reflective elements
Best review: stable wheels and frame
Worst review: no zipped storage
Max weight in pram: 48 lb
Price: $949.95

The Mountain Buggy 3-wheel Terrain is a great jogging push chair that melds precision steering and maximum control for getting active, whilst upholding refined styling and world class manoeuvrability for the city. 

Age: Newborn - toddler
Type Type: Air
Weight: 30 lbs
Fold: One-handed
Pros: Includes a zip covered gear tray, that is convenient for when you are going off road and want to keep all your gear safely inside the tray, and well protected. 
Cons: Sunshade can be a bit short. 
Price: $659.99